Aspiring storyteller, videomaker and photographer

My Name is Amra. I am a 25 year-old photographer, based in Vienna. Born in Moscow in a family with bosnian roots, i spent my childhood years in Russia, before moving to Vienna and starting university. In Vienna i found my passion towards photography, bought my first camera and have been shooting ever since.

Photography is a way of making memories last. When you start analyzing certain periods of your life, you notice how important the details are. Photography is a way of looking at yourself and seeing how you changed. Your views, opinions, your surroundings, people you used to know, what used to be important. A lot of it has to do with focusing on how you feel. It brings me happiness and satisfaction to capture certain moments in time – allowing you to look back and giving you the opportunity to admire them. 

Feel free to contact me in russian, english, croatian or german, which i all speak fluently.