Let’s talk about your personal brand.

Branding is a unique combination of skills and experiences that make YOU who you are.

You are already maintaining your personal brand, without even consciously thinking about it. Whether you are updating your Linkedin Profile and your CV, while you are looking for a new job. Or if you are maintaining your social media channels for you small business. 
Looking for a new partner on dating sites? Of course you want to show the real YOU to attract the right people who will appreciate and love you for who you are.

This is where I come into play as your Brand Image Photographer.

You would like to get a set of professional portrait photos that you would like to use on your CV, your Linkedin and Social Media profiles?

You are a small business owner who needs new visual content for all of your social media channels? Want to show your customers your products in a best possible way?

You would like to be reminded of your awesomeness and get a series of amazing portraits to use for dating app sites?

What has more worth more for YOU?

  • New mass market clothes that you will probably wear once?
  • Yet another short weekend flight trip? (Hotel stay not included)
  • Not even ¼ investment for your next new phone

Or your personal brand, you are investing in for the rest of your life? You are investing 1% and getting 100% back.

Make footprints in time and memories for ever.

See a few examples:

Lookbook for Holst - small viennese business, that follows the concept of painting by numbers. View gallery

L‘Adresse Concept Store, French concept store summer campaign 2021. View gallery

Professional Model Headshots. View gallery

Social Media promotions photos for mkcandles.s View gallery

CV photos for your Linkedin and Website View gallery

L‘Adresse Concept Store Autumn Winter Campaign 2021 View gallery

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